Mr. Raoul K






Mr. Raoul K. hails from Agboville, Ivory Coast, West Africa. In 1992, he left Africa and moved to Hamburg, Northern Germany. While in Hamburg, he got seriously involved with the aesthetic vibe of dance and music. As a result, he started working as a DJ. At the same time, he was getting a professional education as a carpenter. In 1999, he left Hamburg for Luebeck, a smaller city in Northern Germany. While working as a carpenter in Luebeck, he continued to DJ and finally set up a home studio to learn production basics through trial and error. As he is a quite rigorous guy, it took him a while to put together a track that met his demands. Following some unpleasant recording deals with certain labels, Mr. Raoul K launched his “Baobab” label in 1997. His first release “Le Cercle Peul” got a warm welcome from many renowned producers and clubbers worldwide. From that point on, Mr. Raoul K has gathered fans all around the world particularly in Japan.