Hideo Kobayashi





Hideo Kobayashi, the diverse and prolific Japanese DJ and producer, who released records worldwide, from labels such as Chez Music, Ibadan, OM Records, Transport, Cosmic, Flux, Swank, Tokyotronic, Ode Music, Music Mine, ING, Reverberations, Soulstar, Foreplay, Your Lips and recently Apotek/Apt International (with label head, Jerome Sydenham as Nagano Kitchen), has been producing, remixing and DJing for over 15 years, producing a wide range of styles such as deep house, techno, down tempo to name but a few. Hideo is definitely, a not to be ignored, versatile producer, with a great sense of groove and sound production skills, coming out of Japan. With a string of his productions being scheduled for release this year, watch out for Hideo Kobayashi!