Fatsouls-Records'_LogoIn 2007, after more than a decade of successful event production, Said Adelekan founded the San Francisco based Fatsouls Records. Since its inception, the label has made a mark in the dance music industry with its consistent releases of invigorating dance hits. Fatsouls Records was established on the principle of delivering organic, soulful music with emphasis on Afro beat, Soulful House, Deep House, Minimal Tech and other Afro rhythms. The Fatsouls brand is also behind highly regarded and award-winning San Francisco events such as Atmosfere. Fatsouls has consistently evolved and thrived over the last 15 years in a music industry marked by constant change and obstacles. One of the label’s goals is to help preserve the integrity of house music. Fatsouls also strives to deliver expressive dance music with an unwavering commitment to creativity and production quality over quantity.